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You were right!  After spending so much money at a fertility clinic and no luck, getting alkaline was the key!  No wonder I couldn't get pregnant, my body wasn't in a "healthy state" to carry a baby while acidic......thanks so much! We are pregnant finally!

Serena - Oakville

Deborah, I enjoyed talking and laughing with you through an amazing experience, assuming I follow this it will be a life changer.  This makes a lot of sense since I am journeying through that right now.  I referred my wife to you because you are very good at what you do and maybe it will be helpful to her in her quest for happiness.  Thank you!

Peter - Toronto

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About Deborah Parker

Ms. Parker received a Biology degree at Queen’s University and diploma in Laboratory Science Technology (Chemistry) at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

Blood-Link Inc.While watching her own blood health improve after her first visit to a blood analyst over 22 years ago, Deborah eliminated her extreme seasonal allergies, hypoglycemia, tendency to catch frequent colds and flu, and dropped significant weight - and kept it off!

With this positive experience, Deborah was excited to begin helping others so she received certification from the Canadian Certified Blood Analysis course she took in Calgary with the renowned Deanna Burgess over 16 years ago.  As a means to improve the quality of blood analysis offered in the market, Deborah began teaching Blood Analysis (one-on-one) over 14 years ago.

She has now worked on literally thousands of clients from as far away as New York City and Los Angeles and had over 40 students from as far away as Trinidad and Vancouver.