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From Happy Clients

Deborah, It was fabulous to see you today, clearly eating right works for you, you are looking good, vital, energetic and smiling.  Very cool... Peter

Deborah,  I enjoyed talking and laughing with you through an amazing experience, assuming I follow this it will be a life changing.  This makes a lot of sense since I am journeying through that right now.  I referred my wife to you because you are very good at what you do and maybe it will be helpful to her in her quest for happiness.  Thank you - Peter

Good Afternoon Deborah,  I just want to thank you very much for your kind and very welcoming visit.  I felt so refreshed when I left today.  I was not expecting such a good report even though my journey has just begun.  You are a burst of sunshine and a pleasure to know.  Your house is beautiful and it reflects you in every way.  Dawn (2nd visit)

Dear Deborah:  You were right!  After spending so much money at a fertility clinic and no luck, getting alkaline was the key!  No wonder I couldn't get pregnant, my body wasn't in a "healthy state" to carry a baby while acidic...... thanks so much!  We are pregnant finally!  Serena (and now I feel like an auntie - baby was born nice and healthy too! - Deborah)

Dear Deborah,  Thank you for your kind welcome.  Your help is life changing experience for me.  Best wishes, Agnes

Dawn said:  "I thought she would be old, and a fuddy duddy.  I didn't know she would be young and cool."  (1st visit)

So Deb:  I didn't mean for my wife to tell you that I call you my "Goddess of Health", but I do! (he wants to remain unknown)

A dear family friend e-mailed to say:  Although I didn't understand why, the nurse told me to totally get off all healthy stuff I was taking for my radiation prostate seeding operation.  (she copied down all I was taking, to start doing it all herself!)  Like I said - they were TOTALLY impressed with my hemoglobin count AFTER the surgery - said it was better than most peoples BEFORE surgery!  Thanks kiddo!

Carolyn said:  Deborah you are a wonderful shot in the arm!

From Elizabeth:  I'm having a great week on the food for fuel plan.  You are so well known in the community many positives stories have been shared with me.

Patty 2006:  I've kept the fabulous article that you wrote in The Spectator (December 28, 2000) in my files all these years and recently came upon it while de-cluttering my receipts & papers.  I always knew one day I would come in and see you when the time was right - guess it's now!  (I remember thinking that blood analysis seemed so logical and fascinating.  I also thought you exhibited (through your writing) a lot of courage, grace and determination and wished for you much success; it's great to see that you have conquered the challenges that you set out for yourself.  Brava!)

Deborah:  We moved our 7 race horses to another facility after the testing you did.  You were right!  Their performances on the track improved based on improved water quality, pastures to enjoy after racing- to improve their immune systems, and ridding them of their parasites.  Many Thanks!  C.

Deborah:  We looked everywhere to find a blood analyst and then one who would be even willing to test our beloved dog - our family member.  We did not think it was cancer, but something else.... the high rate of parasites may well be causing the bladder problems- thanks for spending the time with us and giving us hope!  Robyn

Deb:  Am still trying to watch what I eat and am drinking the power drink the mornings; definitely feeling much stronger physically.  Will definitely continue with "the program".  Thanks for all of your expertise to date.  Coming in to see you was definitely the right thing to do and the improvements in my health and well-being have been chiefly due to your recommendations and some well-needed rest.  Patty

Deborah:  Our lives have been busy lately....I am happy to report however that I’m now 15 weeks pregnant which I’m sure I can contribute to having met with you.  Lisa

From my neighbour:  Even though we are seniors, we wanted to tell you that after visiting you and learning how to eat better, our aches and pains have gone and we haven't returned because we both feel so great!  Sorry about the lost biz for you!

I saw you 3 weeks ago, and I can't believe the difference in how I am feeling!  I have my green power drink every morning, and have been pretty faithful to eating for my blood type and taking my supplements.  I've got my water intake up to 2L/day and my coffee down to 1 small Tim's.  (the cup is so wee - seems silly - soon it will be gone from my routine, but I'm not ready yet…)  The first 3 days of the parasite cleanse were absolutely brutal, but I started on a Friday (as you suggested) and by Monday I was over the worst of it.  On day 4 or 5 it seemed that a 'veil' lifted from me and I had more clarity, energy and focus.  Oh, yeah - and I don't have that, "3pm I think I'm going to lay my head down on my desk and fall asleep exhausted", feeling any more - WOW !!!  MK.

Dear Deborah (of Blood-Link Inc.)   Recently I have had a life's jolt.  I thought I'd had them before when I would land in the hospital throughout my life fighting for my life, due to the occasional, out of control asthmatic attack, but this is far more serious.  I contracted a rare heart virus that resulted in severe ventricular restriction, causing breathlessness, chronic fatigue, and continuous shortness of breath.  This virus also caused inflammation and substantial swelling of the heart, with the end result being extremely restricted blood flow and congestive heart failure.  Through all of this my immune system was in a terrible state and my asthma so bad (even with traditional asthma medications, including prednisone), that I needed to hang my head over a kettle to inhale steaming, moist air twice a day just so I could breath.  I must admit, before the eventual medical diagnosis and new cardio treatments, I was in a terrible way.  Deborah Parker suggested that we look at my live blood, make some dietary adjustments, and start me on Oregacin to ease my asthma.  I started taking it right away, integrating it with my other more conventional medical treatments.  As well, Deb also analyzed my immune system and it was found to be in a severely weakened state.  My blood was overwhelmed with parasites and fungi, and that had to be improved if I was to get better any time soon.  Although I dislike anything in powder or liquid form, I used Restivol to clean up and improve my immune system. After four weeks, Deb could see the improvement of my immune system, and it appears to healthier now than it has been in recent months.  The doctors also noted my strengthened immune system, as a strong immune system will be important in my fight to beat this heart virus.  I have observed that the combination of traditional asthma remedies, plus the Oregacin seems to have helped ease my breathing difficulties, as I am less reliant now on inhalers for relief.  Not to be discounted either is the major role that has been played by my improved heart function.  However, I am eating more balanced meals now, trying to eat according to my blood type diet that Deb has found to be quite effective in so many of her clients.  I have lost weight even though I am not allowed any exercise at all.  I am continuing to take Oregacin and find now that this herbal treatment, working in conjunction with the more traditional medical treatments appears to be the best way for me to go at this time.  Thanks Deb!

My "Bloodletting" Experience.   When I walked into Deborah Parker's home office I was suddenly reminded of an ancient herbal garden complete with peaceful running water, and encircled by the sounds of nature.  When I finally woke up, I realized that I was standing in the middle of a science lab, complete with the most sophisticated microscope in the world.  What I learned through that microscope would not only change my eating habits forever, but also change my life.  I was first amazed by Deborah's ability to converse freely and openly with her clients.  After all, I was there to learn about my blood.  Deborah is a small business owner, and she specializes in helping people understand the benefits of a natural diet, supplemented with immune boosting vitamins and other natural remedies to protect one's blood from future disease and sickness.  Not to mention, she's a lovely woman with a true sense of health care issues and patient needs.  We first started off with identifying my blood type.  I happen to be a blood type A-- the most sensitive and average of blood types, and also the most susceptible in terms of cancer and heart disease.  I learned that my blood type is not compatible with several foods: potatoes, red meat, shell fish, olives and tomatoes -- only to name a few.  Now for a kid growing up in a sports family, meat and potatoes were what we ate!  As you can imagine, I was quite surprised and shocked with this new revelation.  However, Deborah would soon show me many new alternatives to help with weight management and stress relief pertaining to my diet and lifestyle.  The next step was to complete a full one-hour layered analysis of my blood.  Was I ever in for a treat!  As Deborah analyzed my blood, she started to reel off the many deficiencies in my diet.  For example, she mentioned that my B12 intake was minimal.  This explained my lack of energy.  The analysis also showed signs of liver stress.  Oh-oh!  She then went on to mention that through the lens of this expensive microscope (imported from Germany), she could not only detect my mineral and vitamin deficiencies, but also identify digestive problems and injuries that had occurred throughout my life.  In a way, it was medical fortune telling at its best.  I was dumbfounded as Deborah walked me through the history of my blood.  There it was--the surgeries, the operations, and the stress. I was probably more amazed when I was shown corrective procedures, through mineral and vitamin use, to combat any future problems.  I had no idea that natural medicine was this strong and powerful.  In the end, I learned to reevaluate my diet through the use of digestive enzymes, goat mineral whey and a variety of "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" suggestions.  The one thing I walked out of Deborah's office with was her sense of compassion, and the notion that her work is designed for both the healthy and the sick alike.  Her experience as a biologist and chemist gives her the credentials and specialization that most doctors can't offer.  Most physicians are not even aware of the technology she possesses--which gives her the edge in modern day sickness prevention.  I am grateful for the experience, and truly feel that it was worth every penny.

Deborah, thank you for your Monthly Health Tips.  I should have been saying this all along.   I do read them and try to take them to heart.   I have recently stopped eating wheat and have found that the swelling in my legs and feet has gone down considerably?  I'm sticking with it.  Also since Christmas smoothies are now on our daily things to do and top it off we moved 4 years ago to Garth Trails and Adult (sort of) Community and as far as socializing I don't think I've been so social since high school, learning bridge and have found a group of ladies that enjoy going to the theatre!!!  all good.  Thanks again for your updates.  Linda LeBlanc   PS: although I have gone gluten free I see a slight difference in my weight (2 lbs in a month and a half) but I have cut back on my arthritis medication so that's fine by me.

Weight Loss Testimonials

Deborah:  Oh my gosh, I feel like you saved my life.  I have lost 17 pounds and Theresa lost 22 pounds.  We are feeling pretty good and ready for a review.  Do you work Saturdays as I would like to bring my two grandkids as well?

And From Bev:  I also wanted to let you know that I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have met you and discovered a "new plan for healthy living"!  I'm eating for my blood type as well as following your tips.  l feel better and I've lost 20 pounds - while never feeling hungry!  As you know, cheating is required but there is always a price to pay!

Deborah - I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that I have followed the meal plan for my blood type 'O'.  I have also been making up the fruit drinks with Greens+, plus other supplements.  I have more energy and I have slowly lost the flab that had built up around my waist. Great stuff!  I have succeeded with my pH and I am now between 7.2 and 7.4 for most of the time.  Georgie

Hi Deborah,  I came to see you with my two children Eric and Valerie, at the beginning of May.  Eric and I have been following the blood type eating plan for almost a month now, and we both feel so much better.  Within 5 days, Eric's dry skin had totally cleared up, he rarely gets headaches and his allergies are much better.  Eric is quite religious following this diet.  Amazing for a 14 year old boy.  My daughter Valerie is not following it at all.   Hopefully one day she will see the light!!  I am following it quite well, and I have lost 5 pounds, rarely get headaches, and have much more energy.  Thanks alot for your help.  Thanks, Lynne

Dear Deborah,  I've been following your suggestions and sticking to Dr. D'Adamo's diet since we've met and I'm amazed at the results.  I haven't felt this well and energetic since I was in early twenties.  I'm also losing some weight which I've been struggling with for 2 yrs.  You're a gem and instead of waiting till our next appt., I wanted to let you know now.  Marg PS: My hubby is also starting to get interested in the power shake.  That's highly unusual for him as he tends to be stubborn.

Hi Deborah, just wanted to let you know that after only two days I have lost 4 pounds (although some of that might be p-o-o, the cleanse is working) and literally have not been hungry.  Dinners are meat (I'll add more fish later), a salad, and one or two cooked vegetables.  By the time I finish preparing and eating that, I am stuffed!  I threw out all my bread and crackers that I used to munch on all day and by the time evening comes I am more alert and also sleep better.  Lena

Deborah:  Just want to say thank you for your quick action.  I also want to let you know that I am feeling so much better now.  I took your advise and now keep my fruits, proteins and starches separate.  I usually get depressed in Nov. for some reason........but thanks to your advice and Dr. D'Adamo books, I am no longer depressed and am a very happy person.  Also, when I weighed in at Weight Watchers, I have lost weight and am now only 2 lbs. from goal.  Thanks ever so much..... Grace