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Start Your Own Certified Blood Analysis Business!

Do you want to help people live a long, happy and healthy lifestyle?  This is the cutting scientific edge of natural medicine!  You can actually show your clients their level of health while explaining to them what they are seeing in their blood, in real time, and how they can go about improving it!

Manageable Units

She has had well over 50 fully individually trained students to date!  We can break this business training into manageable units of learning and expense.

Deborah will teach client-friendly terminology using simplified state-of-the-art technology and will teach you how to make this business a success!  Learn from the only one that has been teaching Blood Analysis since 2003 and has had her own successful business for over 16 years!

Topics that will be covered in-depth as you choose - most prefer Modules 1 & 2 - a full 5 days at $450/day

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Training Modules

1 - Live Ultra Darkfield Blood Analysis

Blood Link Inc.

2 Days Intensive - 3 Days Recommended

   **Not Available Online**

In Live Blood-Cell Analysis a high-powered microscope is used to analyze a drop of blood as a diagnostic tool.  In this test a drop of blood is placed on a glass slide, put under a dark field microscope, then projected on a video monitor to be examined.   Blood is examined for micro-organisms, fungus, yeast, toxicities, indications of allergies, vitamin and minerals deficiencies, immune system, and specific organ function.


Deborah will teach client-friendly terminology using simplified state-of-the-art technology and how to make this business a success.   This module can be taught in an intensive 2 day program, but a complete 3 day time period would supply you with more information to provide the best assistance to your clients.  And most of all, it is one-on-one training program that will be geared to suit your timeframe and knowledge absorption! This is not something you should learn on-line or in a group (with minimal microscope time). You need to learn how to interact with clients (so you do not get yourself in trouble) and keep your clients engaged and excited about what you are advising them.  You need to be comfortable with the operation of the microscope while learning how to properly and safely take samples.   You will learn powerful guidance about nutrition, vitamins, minerals, cleanses and exercises to suggest to your clients in order to help them change their blood/overall health and vitality.  

Manuals will be provided and you will be certified upon approved learning of the material.

2 - Layered/Dried Blood Analysis

Blood Link Inc.

1 Day Intensive - 2 Days Recommended

   **Not Available Online**

Layered Blood Analysis is a means of early detection of the body’s imbalances, often before they are evident in regular medical testing.   It began in Europe in the 1920’s and continues with popularity today throughout the world.

This process uses many drops on a slide.  The layers dry in a centrifugal spinning action as the blood coagulates.  Patterns are thus formed which can indicate weaknesses in the body and where they are located.  Both analyses are displayed, discussed with the client and a plan is developed with the client to assist with diet, supplementation, detoxification and/or lifestyle changes.

Layered can be taught in an intensive 1 day program but a full one-on-one 2 day program is highly recommended.  It is usually taught in the 2 day class in order to be sure you are comfortable with the information, suggestions to be made and extensive use of the microscope.  This must be taught in person to learn how to safely communicate and properly and safely take samples.  Healthy and unhealthy slides will be viewed and discussed extensively.

Manuals will be provided and you will be certified upon approved learning of the material.

3 - Business - Marketing - Sales

Blood Link Inc.

2 Day Course

   **Available Online**

Are you unsure about how to get your new Blood Analysis business active and running?  Are you sitting behind your microscope wondering how to make this a business success?  This 2 day training program can be taught on-line or in person, again, here at Blood Link we only teach one-on-one.

A wide assortment of topics will be covered to include:

  • Contracts with facilities
  • Forms
  • Advertising
  • Creating a brochure
  • Insurance
  • Computer use
  • Competitors
  • Fee suggestions
  • Internal advertising
  • Registration of company
  • Suggested reading, magazines
  • Creating your website
  • Client Follow-up
  • Contact Management
  • Associations
  • Business Cards
  • Health Fairs
  • On-line Support
  • Health Tips
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Company Name
  • Cross Referencing
  • Printed Data Management
  • Office Layout
  • Links to other businesses

4 - Accounting

Blood Link Inc.

1 to 2 Day Course

   **Available Online**

Accounting management can be daunting!  This can be taught in 1 to 2 days (depending on your level of understanding) and can either be taught On-Line or in person one-on-one

Various topics will be covered include:

  • Forms made simple
  • Details
  • Line of Credit option
  • Payment fees
  • Office Layout
  • Whether to Incorporate or not
  • On-line support from Blood-Link when you are in business

5 - Full Package Training

Blood Link Inc.

2 Week Course - 10 Working Days

   **Not All Modules Available Online**

All items in Modules 1 through 4 will be covered


If interested, contact Blood-Link at 905-639-2872 or email Deborah here!

6 - Refresher Training

Blood Link Inc.There are two major reasons people want to take my refresher training in live and/or layered blood analysis.

1 - A student just finished a course elsewhere and they were:

  • too short
  • the classes have too many people allowing almost zero personal attention/training
  • too little time allowed on the microscope and on blood examples
  • insufficient training on recommendations based on what is seen in the blood or
  • zero training on how to make this a business success

**Deborah has now retrained students from 3 major schools - in Calgary, Chicago and Toronto for many of these reasons**

2 - A person has practiced blood analysis for some time now and the business is not growing or they are still uncomfortable with the knowledge that they learned elsewhere.